Why are window shutters called "persianas" in Spanish?

If window shutters originated in Persia/Iran, I can find no evidence of that.

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    Persianas were used lot time ago in Egypt (made of reeds) and China (made of bamboo). I don't know what's the first origin of the item, but about the spanish word it is as I answered. – Blas Soriano Jun 21 '15 at 22:48

ESPAÑOL (English follows)

La palabra persiana, proviene del francés persienne. En el siglo XVIII, en Francia se puso de moda, entre otros muchos artículos orientales, una celosía de tablillas que podían enrollarse para regular la entrada de luz a las viviendas; se situaba entre la ventana y la contraventana o postigo. El artículo era algo nuevo, y necesitaba de un nombre; los comerciantes decidieron llamarlo según su procedencia (de Persia). Cuando llegó a España, en lugar de utilizar el término persa que equivale a procedente de Persia, se castellanizó como persiana.


Persiana (roller blind) comes from the French word persienne. In the XVIII century, in France it became fashionable, among many other oriental items, a lattice of slats that could be rolled up to regulate the entry of light to homes; It was placed between the window and the shutters. The article was something new, and needed a name; traders decided to name it by its source (from Persia). When it arrived to Spain, instead of using the equivalent term persa (de Persia), it was converted to spanish as persiana.

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