The English "Treasure Island" contains this:

In a few cases, to be sure, the name of a place would be added, as "Offe Caraccas," or a mere entry of latitude and longitude, as "62o 17' 20", 19o 2' 40"."

The Spanish translation is:

En algunos lugares, para mayor seguridad, se añadía el nombre de algún lugar como "Á la altura de Caracas," ó bien una mera cita geográfica de latitud y longitud como, 53° 17' 20" y 19° 2' 40".

Why in tarnation would '62o 17' 20"' become '53° 17' 20"'?

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Longitude was set using a multitude of prime meridians before the international adoption of the Greenwich meridian, which Spain adopted in 1901 after a century and a half using the Cádiz meridian (according to this Spanish source). I suppose the translator took that point as a longitude and attempted to set it to another meridian (if he wanted to set it to the Cádiz meridian he failed, as it was 6 degrees west of Greenwich). Other than that, it could have been a writing or typesetting error, a badly-printed English copy with unclear characters in that particular passage, or a conjunction of all those factors.

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