I was wondering how would you translate the field of study Personal care service to spanish.

In a database I have, one variable is Field or subject with highest qualification and one possible category is Personal care service. I'd like to translate it to spanish.

Thanks a lot.


Other subjects are: Humanities, Technical and engineering, Medical/health services/nursing etc., Law and legal services, and so on.

Edit 2:

It is said that I should do previous work to translate it. The fact is that I'm Spanish and completely understand the meaning of the concept, but don't know how it's said. I don't know what else could I do to investigate since literal translation doesn't work.

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It depends on the context. If you are meaning:

  1. For elderly people: (servicio de) auxiliar de geriatría.
  2. For sick people: (servicio de) auxiliar de enfermería.
  3. In general: (servicio de) asistencia personal.

A lot of articles over the internet translate this as:

Servicios de Atención Personal

(PCS, por sus siglas en inglés)

As a native speaker this seems to me like a good translation for the general field of study. If you try to find a translation for a more specific branch of studies you will be in trouble because those terms can change quite a lot across many spanish speaking countries.


I am thinking in two possibilities. Inside Formación Profesional (Vocational School) types you can find:

  • Imagen personal (hairdressing, skincare, etc...)
  • Servicios socioculturales y a la comunidad (social workers, care provider, guides...).

Also what are the other fields? Are there general or concrete?


I finally came up with the translation Servicios Sociales. I post here as an answer to let people give his point of view about this translation.

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