¿Qué aparatos tecnológicos usas? This is a question I must answer for my work. I am only a secondary student, so low vocabulary is fine.

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It means that: what technology devices do you use?

It would be interesting that you provide the answer you would give in English, so we can help you to say that in Spanish.


Normalmente uso el ordenador para diferentes actividades, como por ejemplo, navegar por Internet o hacer presentaciones Power Point. También, uso mucho el teléfono móvil, ya que me permite estar en contacto con mis conocidos. Además, con el teléfono móvil puedo hacer fotos y compartirlas en las redes sociales.

In English:

I usually use the computer for different activities, for instance, to surf the Internet or to make Power Point presentations. I also use a lot the cell phone, since it helps me stay in touch with my acquaintances. I can also use the cell phone to take pictures and share them on social networks.

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