What is the best Spanish translation of the English idiom "to play favorites" (as in favoring individuals in a group instead of treating everyone equally)?

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For children we use "Consentido" meaning your favorite one.

In general, use "Preferido" as Laura stated the Mexican slang is "Enchufado"

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  • It is traditionally say that your "Consentido(a)" is your favorite child because you let them getaway with stuff. And "prferido" is a person hum you give all the easy jobs to when you have a choice.
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I would say

favoritismo, favoritismos.

Here's the definition given in the DRAE:


(De favorito).

  1. m. Preferencia dada al favor sobre el mérito o la equidad, especialmente cuando aquella es habitual o predominante.
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    Less formal "Estar enchufado" or "tener enchufe".
    – Laura
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  • @Laura: that may be a regionalism, where have you heard it? Doesn't mean this in Argentina.
    – Petruza
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  • @Petruza Sorry, I'm from Spain.
    – Laura
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My answer will focus on verbs.

If you don't mind sounding a bit like a canned translation of an article, you can use "jugar favoritos."

In conversation, common ways of dealing with this are:

consentir (Collins: to spoil)

Mi mamá le consentía a mi hermano, pero era muy estricta conmigo. | My mother spoiled my brother but was very strict with me.

tener preferencia (Collins: tiene una clara preferencia por la hija mayor | he has a clear preference for his eldest daughter / his eldest daughter is his clear favourite)

Mi mamá tenia preferencia por mi hermano.


To play favorites -> Jugar a favoritos -> Más jugados

He is favorite of the teacher -> Es el enchufado de la maestra

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