When someone says con permiso, for example when squeezing through a crowd, what is the appropriate response? For example, in English we might say something like "sorry" or "go ahead."


In Spain I've used or heard being used the following:

  • Por supuesto
  • Pasa / Pase
  • Tranquilo
  • Claro
  • Sin problema

I'm sure there's more, but those are very common.


In Mexico we use:

  • Pase usted.
  • Adelante.
  • Pásele. (which sounds more informal)
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    "Siga" but also very informal – César Jan 7 '12 at 14:25
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    Sometimes I say: "Sí, claro" indicating with my hands he can go ahead, or "Sí, perdone/disculpe" if it was my fault because I was blocking his way and I could have avoided it. – Javi Jan 7 '12 at 16:41
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    Siga is a good one! – Joze Jan 8 '12 at 1:33

In Mexico, another common response to "con permiso" is "propio". Literally, it signifies, "you own/you have permission" to pass by.

  • I agree completely with adding "Propio" to the list of responses commonly found in Mexico that was contributed earlier by Alfredo. In fact, as I was reading Alfredo's post I was thinking, Yes, those are good, but I better add "Propio." // as for the usage, there isn't much to say. Someone says, "Con permiso," and you say, "Propio." Just like in Alfredo's answer. – aparente001 Jun 5 '18 at 4:13
  • I heard “propio” in Guatemala as well! – ChrisJF Feb 5 '19 at 14:16

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