What does the word encato really mean? I have been looking for this word in several dictionaries but was unable to find anything so far.

Examples of usage:

Excelente, me encato!

A mi hija le encato no se queria salir.

  • There's a typo. Me encantó. And the second sentence does not make any sense at all. Mar 31, 2015 at 8:40

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"Encato" is not a word in Spanish. What makes sense for the context you are providing is that there is a typo and the word is "encanto", with an "n". That would explain why you haven't been able to find it in the dictionary.

In the context you provided encanto could be traduced as "left me really pleased" but the proper meaning would be "charmed". Is as if you were saying "I'm so pleased that is as if I was charmed".

If you say that somebody "es un encanto" you are saying the he or she "is a doll". Is some sort of flattery term. You convey that their good manners, or pampering or whatever (actually, their charm) was charming you.

A mi hija le encantó. No se quería salir.

Means, "my daughter was so delighted that she didn't want to leave".

Estoy encantado de presentarle al Sr. Pérez

Means, "I'm glad to introduce to you Mr. Pérez".

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