I do not see any glue to get the meaning of this word connection. Nor when looking at google image search result.

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"Perros de charro" are funny looking dogs.

"Charro" is a Mexican word to refer a horseman but it can have additional meanings like "flashy" and "gaudy" (see wordreference), and there are even some regional variations of the meaning the word depending on the country.

  • In Argentina seems to be a joint (marihuana cigarette)
  • In Colombia seems to be a funny situation, or something boring and ugly.
  • In Dominican Republic is something ugly or low quality
  • In Guatemala and Puerto Rico seems to be something ridiculous.

So the expression "perros de charro" may have a different meaning for different Spanish speakers. For some, it would be the dogs of a Mexican horseman / cowboy. For others, it would be dogs that look funny, ugly or ridiculous (like "perros de risa", "perros graciosos" or "perros raros").

Some of the results in google images when searching for "perros de charro", are dogs dressed like tiny mariachis or charros, with sombrero and everything, which I guess may combine most of the above definitions (something ridiculously funny, a dog dressed like a charro), but if I had to stick to only one meaning I would choose "funny because it is ridiculous". That is why "perros the charro" translates as funny looking dogs.

enter image description here enter image description here

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In South America, this kind of dogs are called chihuahua/chihuahueño.

If you search them by using that name, you would find them.

Certainly "charro" will have diferent meanings but the nearliest meaning of " perros de charro" will be "chihuahueño or chihuahua "

I hope I helped.

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    Mar 11, 2015 at 11:35
  • Wow, never knew that it meant chihuahua/chihuahueño. I love them, They are so cute!!!
    – Tia27
    Mar 11, 2015 at 21:33

May I add, the word "charro" is originally from the Salamanca province in Spain.

When somebody from there "va de charro" (goes [dressing] in charro way) he/she is wearing the traditional clothes from the region. In the case of the man is a mix of the "Zorro" suit with colorful waist and a bit strange hat. Such dress is probably the arcane origin of the Mexican expression.

(I was born there).

enter image description here


Perros de charros means gaudy dogs. Gaudy is Mexican cowboy/cowgirl. A gaudy dog is actually a "Chiuhua".

enter image description here

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