Is there a difference between 'como' and 'cómo'? I'm confused. It's supposed to be two different words, right? Where do I draw the line?

When I look up how it says that it's both 'como' and 'cómo'.

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It's actually a good bit more than two words, but it's easiest to think when to use the accent then when not to.

  • como (no accent) can be used as a verb (from comer), noun (dated word meaning a trick), adverb, conjunction, or preposition.

  • cómo (accent) can mean either the interrogative/relative pronoun how? (¿Cómo estás? No sé cómo lo haces.) or can be used to express incredulity where English uses what? (¿Cómo?). The moment you hear yourself giving a questioning intonation, you'll accent it.

There is a well known phrase, ¿Cómo como? Como como como. which uses three of these. The first is the question How?, the second, third, and fifth are the verb I eat, and the fourth is like/as. So... How do I eat? I eat like I eat.

But you can extend it further adding in the incredulous cómo and get ¿Cómo cómo como? Como como como. to mean "What do you mean how do I eat?! I eat like I eat."

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    @jabujavi please do not edit my post with incorrect information. Como is a preposition per the DRAE "Como. 13. prep. en calidad de. Asiste a la boda como testigo." Commented Mar 14, 2015 at 4:55
  • 'Cómo': how. It is often used to make questions

  • 'Como': as, like, such as.

So you would say:

Eres tan bueno como él You are as good as him.

Es como un gran monstruo It is like a big monster

Eres como un genio You are such as a genious


¿Cómo como? ¡Como como como! How do I eat? I eat the way I eat!

  • The first como (the one with the accent) is the word "how", introducing a question.
  • The second como is "I eat".
  • So is the third and fifth one.
  • The fourth como is "the way". It is like the first one except that it's used in an indication, while the first one is used to introduce a question.

I heard this as a sort of light hearted joke in SA.

  • (Yo) 'como' = I eat

  • 'Cómo' = how

The accent mark tells you whether it's referring to the verb 'comer' or the auxiliar 'how'.


Siempre como en casa antes de ir al colegio I always eat at home before going to school

¿Cómo estás? How are you?

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    Esta respuesta deja fuera otras funciones/tipos de "como" sin acento, por ejemplo "Me siento como en casa". "Como" no es sólo la primera persona de presente de indicativo de Comer.
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  • '(Yo) Como' = I eat

It comes from the verb 'comer'. It is the 'yo' form present tense.

  • 'Cómo' = How

Sometimes when people want to say how in Spanish, they can say 'Cómo'. One expression that has 'cómo' is:

¿Cómo estás? How are you?

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