The Spanish translation of

He appears at night.

are given below. Is it correct both to say

Él aparece en la noche.


Él aparece a la noche.

en and a, what is the difference between the use of them?


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I think both forms could be understood as correct, but a Spanish speaker would actually favor the prepositions por and de

Él aparece de noche. La Luna sale de noche.

Él aparece por la noche. La Luna sale por la noche.

It is correct to say

... a la noche.

You can use the preposition a + noun to designate parts of the day.

a la mañana, a la tarde, a la noche.

You can also use

... en la noche

since the preposition en is used to indicate the time, place or way in which the action of the verb it goes with (in this case aparecer) was performed. But, again, prepositions de and por work better for this example.


It is correct to say:

Él aparece a la noche


Él aparece en la noche

but could also say por and de

Él aparece de la noche.

Él aparece por la noche

because usually people say por la noche, por la manana, and por la tarde. People also say de la noche

Hope this helps!! :)

  • "Él aparece a noche" is wrong. Should be "Él aparece a la noche" or "Él apareció (past) anoche" (one single word). The same way, it should be "Él aparece en la noche". You need the article.
    – Diego
    Feb 19, 2015 at 15:41
  • Forgot to add it!!! Will add it!
    – Tia27
    Feb 19, 2015 at 18:40

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