I was trying to express, "I smoked some pork spare ribs this past weekend," in Spanish.

I tried looking up smoking meats in the Spanish dictionary and often I get fumar (to smoke), asar (bbq), or ahumar. Which of the aforementioned verbs are used in reference to smoking meat?

What is the correct way to say "to smoke meat"? Is there a correct verb that translates that more correctly?

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The correct word is ahumar in its 3rd entry. For instance:

Un ahumador experimentado sabe cómo ahumar costillas de cerdo.


Lo correcto es 'Carne ahumada', 'Yo ahumé carne ayer.' Conversationally, it is usually something you made: 'Hice una carne ahumada ayer.'

Carne asada is grilled or braised meat.

Carne fumada would imply you lit it on fire and inhaled the smoke.

  • Claro que no. "Carne ahumada" no significa "smoking meat" sino "smoked meat". Feb 13, 2015 at 19:07
  • Tranquilo, @Michael Wolf, el conjugar lo dejé al OP. Lo importante de la pregunta era el vocabulario.
    – Kent A.
    Feb 13, 2015 at 19:19

The correct translation of what you were trying to express: "I smoked some pork spare ribs this past weekend" to Spanish would be "Yo ahumé unas costillitas de cerdo el fin de semana pasado." Whomever mentioned that: "...smoking meat is not the same as smoked meat..." is not realizing that the "smoking" in your sentence is a verb. It is what makes the finished product of "smoked meat" to which he is referring. Since, in your sentence, the "smoking"results in the "smoked meat". It is not the same as "smoking" a cigarette which would be "fumando" I am smoking a cigarette is: "[yo] or [me] estoy fumando un cigarillo." It is matter of correctly conjugating the verb "ahumar." Just for fun. please note that: "Yo ahumé un cigarillo means I "smoked" a cigarette--but in the way you "smoke" meat and not in the way you "smoke" a cigarette.

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