On a recent trip to a Spanish-speaking country, I realized I don't know most of the terms involved in the process of retrieving luggage at a destination airport. I thought it would make sense to combine them in one question. What are the typical Spanish translations for:

  • baggage claim
  • baggage carousel
  • conveyer belt
  • oversize baggage
  • overweight baggage
  • checked baggage
  • carry-on baggage
  • baggage cart

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  • baggage claim: Zona de recogida de equipajes

  • baggage carousel: Cinta transportadora de equipajes.

  • conveyer belt: Cinta transportadora.

  • oversize baggage: Equipaje con exceso de tamaño.

  • overweight baggage: Equipaje con exceso de peso. Equipaje con sobrepeso.

  • checked baggage: Equipaje facturado.

  • carry-on baggage: Equipaje de mano.

  • baggage cart: Carrito de equipaje. Carrito para equipaje.

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