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No hay mucho que decir...

comment Why “buenas noches” when it's only one night?
@Soktra I don't agree. The courtesy expresions are often and widely used, between people that doesn't know each other. A different thing is when there's confidence - then it is like you have exposed (there's a spanish tell "donde hay confianza da asco"). But I could be wrong. I've lived here all my life long and maybe I'm so used to this supposed lack of courtesy that don't see it.
comment What would be a good way to express “You can't get something out of nothing”?
@Javi true. In these cases it could be replaced by the most common idiom 'pedir peras al olmo' (ask for pears to the elm)
comment Best way to translate 'uneducated', meaning lacking formal schooling
@Javi: Well, I have never found with this situation. And usually is taken as less offensive as the analfabeto alternative.
comment Usage of “mueco” vs. “mellado” for “toothless”
That is: 'desdentado' is literally what toothless means. +1