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I've been writing software for a living since my sophomore year in High School. I like to think I'm good at it, mostly.

I have also doubled as a systems administrator, entrepeneur, business developer, and sometimes as a CTO of small companies. While I'm always interested in the latest and slickest approach to crafting software, I try to stay pragmatic and tend to think about technology in terms of revenues.

My technology strengths are in Database Design and Programming (not so much optimization) and middleware. I'm very good at turning business rules into decision trees, and like to apply rules from the bottom up.

I'm into SQL Server (and other flavors of SQL), .Net, C#, and building Web Applications. I'm slowly jumping on the web 2.0 bandwagon, and JavaScript, which was the red-headed stepchild of languages when I cut my web design teeth, is my next target to become an expert at.

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When referencing a "previous" answer, consider using the poster's name with an @ in front, since the order may change with voting. In this case, "To add to @Tomas' answer..."
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You can do the diagram in the tool of your choice, put the image somewhere public (dropbox folder, imgur, any image hosting site) and then link to it from here.