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Hey, I am a computer scientist and enthusiast programmer.

Accept policy

If you wonder why I didn't accept your answer, although it is obviously the right thing: Usually, I like to wait at least an hour before accepting anything, often I wait a day or so.

More random information about me

kernel: linux
distro: debian
interface: xmonad + gnome mate
text: vim
web: opera
mail: icedove (aka thunderbird)
programming: c++, bash
speak: de, en, es (rusty), fr (very! limited)
rcs: git
scifi: The Matrix, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly

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Bad Wolf

comment How do you spell “Chocaraet” correctly?
@Flimzy: Thanks. However, my Spanish is so bad by now, I'd have had serious trouble formulating the above question in it (that's why I chose English, instead).
comment How do you spell “Chocaraet” correctly?
Great answer, thanks. Btw. if I look at the spelling, have I always mispronounced it? Do you pronounce it with an e before the t?