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I'm a game developer with more than 5 years of expirience. I've worked with Flash (AS3), Unity (C# mostly) and C++ (cocos2d)

I also like to play around with languages like Python and JavaScript.

comment How do I ask someone not to call me “usted”?
In Argentina we also use Tutéame but we say: Tuteame (without the accent)
comment Was the word “bomb” only used as slang in Chile and only in the '80s?
Mmm... I don't know that use of "bomb". Maybe is a very specific slang of that Author or maybe as you say a term used only in Chile in the '80s.
comment How to translate the idiom: “missing the point”?
And this can work too: "Eso no tiene nada que ver" o "No tiene nada que ver"