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1977 to 2012

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 11:36 AM

1977 - 1999: I had a successful career as a computer consultant, encompassing 22 years of my adult, working life. During that time, I developed expertise as an IBM mainframe computer programmer/analyst, the title programmers were given in those days. I gained a wealth of experience as a member of many different project teams for various client corporations, primarily wall street firms, banking firms such as, Chemical Bank, Morgan Guaranty Trust Co., Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co, First Boston Securities, Paine Weber, Merrill Lynch, Panasonic, Sony Corporation, Medco and others.

1999 to 2012: I finally started feeling symptoms of advanced hepatitis C, which was initially diagnosed in 1986 as "chronic, persistent non A non B hepatitis". The disease was rapidly progressing at this point as I became increasingly disabled.

2006 - 2009: I organized and operated an internet-based precious metals company as a .999 silver supplier for small to medium sized investors and collectors, entirely operating at home and doing all of the packaging and shipping of the silver myself. I developed the e-commerce enabled website, including taking more than 1000 digital images of silver items, coins and ingots, for the product catalog on the website. I personally coded and maintained the web pages using HTML, CSS, ASP and some Javascript coded a mechanism to provide a live feed of silver spot prices to maintain up to the minute, real time product prices.

2011 - 2014: I began treatment for hepatitis C using the just-approved, astronomically expensive new drug Victrelis (boceprivir) in combination with IV interferon and ribavirin. Six months after treatment began my viral load came back non-detectable and has stayed that way to the present day. I could write an entire book describing the benefits that I have received since the virus was eliminated from my body at the beginning of 2012; and I will do just that.