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  • C++ Software Developer, developing Applications for QNX RTOS and Windows (MFC)

You know that feeling, the one you get at 5 o'clock in the morning. You think its reason calling to you. It tells you to stop, it makes you feel drowsy, it tells you about the alluring feelings you'll get from sleeping, from slowing.

You listen, you go to sleep. The next morning the crunching is still waiting for you, for your dedication and sweat. The feeling haunts you yet again, go out, enjoy, play.

In time you realize that feeling was not reason but weakness, you see time stacking while results do not flourish, you see failure, you taste it, its bitterness and disgust.

You stop listening to that thing you thought it was reason, you start crunching. You remember why you crunched in the first place. Crunching itself may be boring, but the results, the results mean everything. Your solutions rise like a Sequoia grazing the skies.

Stop heeding failure, stop heeding weakness, and let the end of one of the many roads you will take be the motivation you need to push through the countless nights of work.

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