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Kevin Johnsrude

I have wide-ranging experience in software design and development. It has been my privilege to work with very bright people doing very interesting things. My goal is to continue doing so.

I love to learn. My favorite conversations are with people who know something I don't but who will answer my questions.

I learn quickly. One example of this was my first OSU job where I had no work experience in the .NET Framework or in Windows system programming but I delivered the TaskTracer software within three months of being hired. Another was learning Code First Entity Framework over a weekend and then implementing a complex database that will be in production shortly with very few changes.

I work well alone but can also lead project teams to deliver high-quality software on time. I am a Certified Scrum Master.

I have wide-ranging interests but creation is one of my driving passions. I create software, music, art and writing.

I am a citizen of both Canada and the USA.