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Christian Lopez

⌘ 13 Years old ⌘

♦ Linux fan ♦

§ I'll try to help you no matter what! :D §

⌥ I also love gaming! ⌥

∆ Have Xbox? Add me: TwisT Pikachu ∆

♫ My music likes? I love Lindsey Stirling, Little Mix, Pentatonix and Ke$ha ♫

∏ Have Steam? Add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/TwisT_Pikachu ∏

So, I started on this site, when I first got a dual-booting problem with my computer... Then I fell in love with Linux (Ubuntu my favourite distro) and I started getting deep into Linux, I'm still a "Let's say newbie" but someday I'll become a Linux master, (Just like a Pokemon master, except that is Linux...) I also love Pokemon (my favourite Pokemon is Pikachu). So if you have a problem, I'll try to help you, that's why I'm here for!

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