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comment Does contracting a phrase change its undertone?
All the phrases you are listing such as Dáme un taco de cabeza (informal) or Me da un taco de cabeza (formal) are not contracted. Neither Quiero preguntarle and Le quiero preguntar, in this case both are formal since you use the personal pronoun le of usted.
comment Does the exclamation mark denote anger when used with a command?
Then you could safely use the last 3 expressions already mentioned because they can be considered as friendly/casual instructions.
comment Gramatica: if the sentence is correctly written
"Una" inundación is used for emphasizing the expression, I would say that without "una" is not common. Yes, it is also possible to say "... trajeron consigo inundaciones de carretera y ..."
comment me/te/nos hace falta / passive form
Yes you are right. Thanks for the nice analysis that led me correct my answer. I make emphasis on the impersonal and personal "se" which is sometimes misleading even to a native speaker like me, sorry!. I apologize when I said "faltarse" does not exist. I simply forgot, but it actually does: in "me haces falta", "nos falta harina" in which the subject(s) are known, however "se hace falta" simply is not used.
comment me/te/nos hace falta / passive form
"Necesitarse" is an interesting case and it is in its infinitive form. Keep in mind that a reflexive verb is formed by a "regular verb" + "personal pronoun". So in this case "necesitarse" = "necesitar" + "se". Then "se necesita" is impersonal as you said, but also is a conjugation of "necesitarse" in the 3rd person. Check this for learning the conjugation of "necesitarse". I think nobody uses "Faltarse", it simply does not exist. Yeah, perhaps it does not follow the logic, but learning a language is more than just following rules. Adios!