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I am a mexican living in Canada since 2006. I speak Spanish, English, French and some German. I am always very interested in learning languages and I think that I can contribute with my knowledge of them to help out other users.

comment ¿Cuál es el significado de “órale” y su origen?
@AdamBrown: Como lo menciona Trevor McKendrick en su respuesta, en ese caso se utiliza para externar que uno está de acuerdo con lo que se ha dicho "Órale pues, bye..."
comment ¿Cuál es la definición de albur? Could you define “albur”?
And just as an additional note for our non-spanish readers... I did mispell "verdadera" intentionally... though it is part of the "albur" game... =^)
comment Does “Prima” have a double-meaning (in Mexico)?
Yes, I do agree with you Newbie... although the other answers I have seen so far are OK as well. Nevertheless, I would say that your interpretation of the advertisement is much closer to what the Tecate marketing people were trying to convey.