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comment Why is “voy” used in “voy perdiendo” instead of “estoy”?
@Aerovistae, just a rough note: it depends on the context. Estoy is used when you are doing something at this very moment. Estoy perdiendo la partida (I am losing this game -right now-). Voy, when referring to something that doesn't necessarily belong to this moment: Voy perdiendo mil euros en acciones (Until now, I have lost one thousand euros in stocks). Both of them are valid and are (although not always) usually interchangeable. There are sometimes when you can't substitute: it would sound funny to say Estoy dos años saliendo con Marta (an action that started in the past)
comment “okupar” and “ocupar”
Somehow, but not necessarily. I think that it is also to signal a semantic distinction with the traditional use of "ocupar" (i.e. filling a space)