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I'm a Python developer from the north of England (but a long way from home).

csx - extended cascading stylesheets
fix - simple test fixtures
ook - version-sensitive monkeypatching

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6th in Stack Overflow
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comment Cómo decir “college dropout”?
... for example, "Mark Zuckerberg is a famous college dropout".
comment Cómo decir “college dropout”?
Sorry, it seems I wasn't as clear as I thought: "college dropout" is an idiomatic English expression meaning "a person who failed to complete their studies at Univerity".
comment “Po” for “pues” - anywhere else but Chile?
That's exactly how "pues" is often used in Bolivia, though - "sí pues" and "ya pues" are very common here. My Chilean friend is very clear that "po" means the same as "pues", and she uses it the same way I'm used to for "pues".