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I'm just another crazy Grey's Anatomy fan, in love with Dr. Montgomery! I'm also in love with the Ubuntu community, and switch between Ubuntu (14.04 at the moment) and Windows depending on my needs.

I'm currently a freelance developer for TwentyPeople Europe but I mostly spend my time on self-lead projects. My most important projects so far have been the unbot IRC bot, now deprecated, and the RMVC framework which provides an easy way to use the MVC structure in any kind of Ruby application (quite like Ruby without Rack).

There's a Python vs Ruby war inside me, which doesn't seem to ever stop, that's why 1/3 my projects are Ruby-written, another third are Python written and the remaining third are C#, C++ or Java written.

I've been away from the Ubuntu/Linux community for a while because of personal issues, but I'm back. My catbuntu.me domain expired, and I'm not likely to re-buy it, so I'm hosting my blog in GitHub at the moment. If you want to contact me, ask me for my new email. :-)

I'm currently in pre-med school, working hard on that biochemistry, math and physics. Ubuntu assists my studies! (see: my attempt of a physics python app)

You can find me in Freenode as unrar or Catbuntu, in TripSit as isomer and in reddit as joszaynka. I also have an account at UbuntuForums named COMECON, but I don't really use it anymore.

comment Can I learn to roll my R's?
I'm a native speaker of both Catalan and Spanish, and I also need help of a speech terapist to pronounce it properly. As Alfredo said, don't worry too much about it.
comment ¿En qué países se utiliza la expresión “colgar el sambenito”?
En España se usa Cargarle el muerto (nunca he oído muertito), pero no había oído nunca ni Comerse un garrón ni colgar el sambenito.