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I'm a high school student. Currently, I'm on the third ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education, Google Translate says) grade. I don't have any extra English studies, only the school English which we learn since we were six. Even though, I think my English is fairly decent.

I've been hopping for a long time, until I found Ubuntu 12.04 much more stable than Ubuntu 12.10. I think I'll stay on my precise friend until Raring comes.

I like developing, specially in Python and Java. I'm currently the active developer of the UnBot Project, an IRC bot for Wikimedia channels, written in Python.

I also write a blog. Some of those opinions show my ex-hater self, but I prommise I changed :P.

Finally, I'm COMECON at UbuntuForums and Catbuntu and esy on the Freenode IRC network.

comment Can I learn to roll my R's?
I'm a native speaker of both Catalan and Spanish, and I also need help of a speech terapist to pronounce it properly. As Alfredo said, don't worry too much about it.
comment ¿En qué países se utiliza la expresión “colgar el sambenito”?
En España se usa Cargarle el muerto (nunca he oído muertito), pero no había oído nunca ni Comerse un garrón ni colgar el sambenito.