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a shortened form of a word or phrase usually, but not always, consisting of a letter or group of letters taken from the word or phrase.
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Use of accents: where to put the sign in a written word or the stress in a spoken word. Uso de acentos: dónde poner el acento en una palabra escrita o el énfasis al pronunciarla.
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Uso de los adjetivos y su propiedades. Use of adjetives and its properties.
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Part of speech that changes the meaning of verbs or any part of speech other than nouns. Adverbs can modify verbs, adjectives, clauses, sentences, and other adverbs.
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Questions about the Spanish alphabet Preguntas sobre el alfabeto español.
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Preguntas acerca de variantes del Español en Hispanoamérica. Questions about variations of Spanish in Latin American countries.
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Questions about vocabulary related to animals (names, sounds, name of the groups of animals etc.) Preguntas acerca de vocabulario relacionado con animales (nombres, sonidos, nombre del grupo de anima…
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Questions related to learning the Spanish language (tips, learning materials, etc.) Preguntas sobre le aprendizaje del Español (consejos, material, planes de estudios, etc.)
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Questions about regionalisms and other peculiarities of the variety of Spanish spoken in Argentina.
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Questions about articles: number, type, gender, etc. Preguntas sobre artículos: número, tipo, género, etc.
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Preguntas relacionadas con el autor Jorge Luis Borges.
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Preguntas relacionadas con la manera apropiada de escribir una carta en distintos contextos.
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Questions about regionalisms and other peculiarities of the variety of Spanish spoken in Chile.
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Questions about scientific vocabulary or terms. Preguntas sobre vocabulario o términos científicos.