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Exclamaciones súbitas o repentinas (dolor, asombro) o para saludar a alguien u ordenarle algo. Forman una frase en sí mismas. Ejemplos: Eh! Para! Ay! Socorro! Mira! Corre!
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is used to specify that the context of the post will be the Information Technology context, in which many words are special and do not always make sense in other contexts. Using context…
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The use of informal words and expressions that are not considered standard in the speaker's language or dialect but are considered more acceptable when used socially.
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Questions about jargon or abbreviations used in new technologies: Internet, mobile, chats, etc. Preguntas sobre jerga o abreviaturas usadas en las nuevas tecnologías: Internet, teléfonos móviles, cha…
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Questions about influence of Latin in Spanish language (origin of words, expressions tha come form Latin, etc). Preguntas sobre la influencia del Latín en el Español (origen de las palabras, expresio…
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Questions about the letters that form the Spanish alphabet. Questions about lyrics. Preguntas acerca de las letras que forma al alfabeto español. Preguntas sobre letras de canciones.
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El estudio científico del lenguaje humano y las lenguas. The scientific study of human language.
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Set of words that make up a song, usually consisting of verses and choruses.
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Words or concepts associated with mathematics Palabras o conceptos asociados con matemáticas
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