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Tiempo Verbal -presente de indicativo -pretérito imperfecto de indicativo o copretérito (voseo chileno) -pretérito perfecto simple o pretérito de indicativo -futuro de indicativo -presente de subjuntivo -pretérito imperfecto o pretérito de subjuntivo (voseo chileno) -condicional o pospretérito (voseo chileno) -imperativo I will not make full ...


I noticed my mothers family in El Salvador uses Vos excessively. My Salvadoran family here in the States uses vos and tu equally. I think tu might be a bit more formal. Whenever they're joking about they tend to use vos more. My Mexican family doesn't use vos at all. I once traveled from El Salvador to Mexico (I picked up the Salvadoran accent and dialect) ...

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