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Awesome is easy to translate. Being more formal and standardized, you can use something like this: Fabuloso Increíble Espectacular Fantástico Sweet instead is a problem because the word itself is a colloquial idiom. I can suggest you ¡Qué bien! but not really much difference with awesome. In my opinion it will depend on the ...


I don't kwon if is widely used in Latin America, but you could try with "mola" from the verb molar. This is a colloquialism that could be used in both contexts provided since it not only carries the connotation of Gustar, resultar agradable but also for something to be cool or fascinating. Lets say that in both situations (either receiving my paycheck ...


Yes, Hexafluoruro de azufre. Is an inorganic gas known as greenhouse gas and voice modifier (the reverse effect of helium). A best way to technical translations: go to subject in Wikipedia and change language.

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