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It is likely "vale" (literally "it is worth"), a very common interjection indeed meaning "OK" / "All right".


No, although the meaning of the sentence you have isn't terribly far off from what you want to say, either, so you would probably not get a correction. When you say that someone te cae bien, you're saying that you find them affable, a good person, etc. If they te cae mal, that means you find them to not be very good natured. (in general, caer bien is a ...


What I suggest you to do is to find games that rely in teamwork and allows the players to speak each other (Team Fortress, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Dota 2, ...) then find a server where players only speak Spanish. Here is a Spanish guy who plays Minecraft, but the Spanish most players speak is very basic and with local terminology. I recommend you to ...

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