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Te digo como traduciría yo las frases que das de ejemplo: What is that thing on the wall?: ¿Qué es eso/la cosa esa de la pared? How does this thingy work?: ¿Cómo funciona este trasto? Please give me that thingamajig over there: Por favor, pásame el chisme ese de ahí. Then the, uh, whatchamacallit broke and I couldn't use it anymore: Luego el... eh... ...


Pasto efectivamente es una planta. En México lo usamos para referirnos indistintamente a ella y al lugar que se genera cuando se siembra. En jardinería, un prado de pasto que se mantiene cuidado y recortado se considera césped.


This question has received a number of good responses already and I see that one has already been checked as the best one, but I recently did a study on a list of 2,000 of the most frequent nouns in Spanish (which I subsequently whittled down to 1,800). I compiled it to answer this question: What percentage of nouns ending in -a are masculine and what ...

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