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legumbre: is actually a technical term: any member of the "legumes". That includes peas, beans, etc. In Spanish it is not used for peanuts or soy, although they are still "legumes", because the way they are eaten is different from the traditional legumbres. vegetal: is again a technical term: anything from the "plant" kingdom. It is not used for ...


Use "cabra", that's the most universal word for goat. The other words are not goat exactly, such as "oveja" is sheep or "cordero" is baby sheep. I'm from Argentina. Hope this is helpful!


Acabar and Terminar are the go-for in this case, but if you want a more colourful alternative that is also understood by almost any Spanish speaker, you can say: ¿Cómo te viste mudándote a Kansas...? ¿Qué te viste haciendo para cenar anoche? Simplemente me ví trabajando aquí, no estoy seguro cómo sucedió. Altough I wouldn't use it for the ...

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