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It is likely "vale" (literally "it is worth"), a very common interjection indeed meaning "OK" / "All right".


What I suggest you to do is to find games that rely in teamwork and allows the players to speak each other (Team Fortress, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Dota 2, ...) then find a server where players only speak Spanish. Here is a Spanish guy who plays Minecraft, but the Spanish most players speak is very basic and with local terminology. I recommend you to ...


Acabar and Terminar are the go-for in this case, but if you want a more colourful alternative that is also understood by almost any Spanish speaker, you can say: ¿Cómo te viste mudándote a Kansas...? ¿Qué te viste haciendo para cenar anoche? Simplemente me ví trabajando aquí, no estoy seguro cómo sucedió. Altough I wouldn't use it for the ...

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