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In Spanish you would say that something Tiene una buena (o mala) relación calidad-precio


"La prensa del corazón" or "prensa rosa" are those magazines that inform about the lives of famous or notorious people (gossip magazine and the likes). "Tabloid" can be translated simply as "Tabloide" which refers to sensationalist press. This has a boarder meaning than prensa rosa, because you can be sensationalist when talking about politics (which you ...


As with many computing terms, fichero and archivo competed against each other for dominance, and at this point it's pretty clear that archivo will be the victor. In computing contexts, you should use archivo for file. For archives in the long term, out-of-the-way sense, archivo (with its verb archivar) are also used. There's not much confusion generated ...


Fichero is more common in Europe(Spain) while Archivo is common in Latin America. I would suggest you the use of Archivo because of their regular definition: Archivo: A group of well-organized documents managed by a person or enterprise. Fichero: Is a furniture to keep organized documents. But in IT, both has the same meaning which is a group of ...


It means that: what technology devices do you use? It would be interesting that you provide the answer you would give in English, so we can help you to say that in Spanish. E.g: Normalmente uso el ordenador para diferentes actividades, como por ejemplo, navegar por Internet o hacer presentaciones Power Point. También, uso mucho el teléfono móvil, ya que ...


I definitely have seen more frequently the term prensa amarilla, literally "yellow press", sometimes also adjectived amarillista or "yellowist". In a few cases I have also heard prensa barata or "cheap press", or the use of pejorative/obscene terms.


I work in the IT world and some people use "archivo" and some use "fichero". We understand both terms are used for files The folder to archive mails is called "archivo", and the real life term used in Spain is "archivo" as well, "fichero" is almost never used besides computer related stuff. As Maximus Decimus says, "fichero" is a furniture, while "archivo" ...

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