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In Spain, at least, when you say cantimplora you are refering to a canteen. If you say botella de agua, you are talking about the plastic bottles you buy in the shops, wich are full of water.


Es fácil si ya sabes escribir la palabra que quieres decir. Hay tres reglas fáciles (síguelas en orden) Si hay tilde, acentúa la sílaba que lo alberga. Si acaba en A, E, I, O, U, N o S, acentúa la penúltima sílaba. Acentúa la última sílaba. Así que, en palabras como carmesí, espíritu, llevándosemelo, el tilde te indica dónde poner el acento. En palabras ...


This flower in Mexico is called Cempasúchil, Cempasúchitl is the nahuatl name. If there are other names, I've never heard them before, I didin't know that was called maravilla in Spain. Words written with final "tl" have two options of pronounciation: -tl: yes, hard to pronounce. and -l: just an l or lt, but in this case only for extremely common ...


In my experience, "cantimplora" is always "canteen". If you want to say "a bottle of water" as in the kind you buy at a convenience store, you would say "botella de agua" (as you indicated), or "agua embotellada" (bottled water).


Well, as you've pointed out, many of these are idioms which by definition aren't intuitable by looking at the words that comprise them because they break patterns. That said, many of the things you've listed aren't really idioms. ¿Cómo es eso? is easily broken down and understood from its components (“How is that so?” or “How is that?” depending on ...

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