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They are not the same thing. Velocidad is a vector quantity, (it has a direction). Rapidez is a scalar quantity. So velocidad might be more like velocity and rapidez to speed. They can't be replaced between them neither in Spanish or English.


Basically, yes. However, that's a very restricted technical (and not very important) usage. In common usage, both terms are approximately equivalent. Also, "rapidez" is often used to mean "high velocity" or "high rate".


Despite they are both different things, being one a vector and the other one a scalar, you get to find a lot of people saying velocidad or rapidez for the same thing. Clearly they are both different, but spanish speakers normally work with those having not much distinction on them.


Using the link to wikipedia you provided and switching language to Spanish, it seems that Latent Variable is indeed translated as "Variable latente". "Coordenadas Discriminantes" seems to be a proper translation for Discriminate Coordinates. Maybe there is no term in Spanish to refer to the kind of plot you link on your question, but that translation will ...


About the second term, I'm sure it is Variable latente. You can check it in both english ans spanish versions on wikipedia: Latent variable Variable Latente About the first term, I guess it is Variables Discriminantes (if these are the same as "predictor variables" in english), based in Latent Variables (Variables Latentes) and Eigenvalues (Autovectores o ...

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