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Desde el punto de vista de la nomenclatura química, lo más correcto preciso sería llamarlos parahidroxibenzoatos, y de hecho se puede encontrar que hay quien los denomina así. Pero cuando se trata de un nombre general para un grupo de compuestos químicos en la práctica no hay mucha nomenclatura que valga, ya que además destacar la estructura química ...


All of them are literal translations, but in spanish you don't use any of them to refer to that kind of toys; the correct translation would be "Conejo de peluche" ("felpa" is a synonyom of it, but nobody says "Conejo de felpa"): (definition from Google): PELUCHE nombre, masculino 1. Tela, generalmente de seda, lana o alguna fibra sintética, parecida al ...


I think that the appropriate translation for Velveteen is Pana: Velveteen Velveteen (or velveret) is a cloth made in imitation of velvet. Normally cotton, the term is sometimes applied to a mixture of silk and cotton. Some velveteens are a kind of fustian, having a rib of velvet pile alternating with a plain depression. Pana La pana,1 ...


In some applications it would be Cuadro de mandos. You can also use Resumen, Resumen general or Resumen genérico.


Como han dicho recientemente, embebido se usa, aunque a los hispano-hablantes, nos suena una palabra forzada. Lo que si usamos mucho es el término integrado, que significaría como los engranajes se integran para formar una maquinaria perfecta. El sistema está integrado por una arquitectura compleja, compuesta por...


It seems that in computer science, the Spanish language is using embebido (embeber) as an anglicism. For Wikipedia Un sistema embebido (anglicismo de embedded) o empotrado (integrado, incrustado) es un sistema de computación diseñado para realizar una o algunas pocas funciones dedicadas,1 2 frecuentemente en un sistema de computación en tiempo real. ...


I would say: Volver a una versión anterior.


There's no straightforward translation. FWIW, the Spanish translation of Wordpress uses "Escritorio". I'd prefer slightly "Panel" (as suggested in other answers), perhaps better "Panel principal".


If the post is changed to the previous version the correct word would be revertir: Come back to a previous version. reversionar: (Not in the sense of remake), but to change the version Other options: recuperar


I suggest you to use revertir.


I would use the word "Rebobinar" (Rewind), "Restaurar" (To restore), or maybe "Retroceder" (To go back). As a substantives, there are Rebobinado, Restauración, and Retroceso


I suggest to "do a rollback" the verb restaurar. But for substantive rollback none word sounds good to me. Restauración, reposición, restablecimiento... not seem usual to talk about records, operating systems or databases. Maybe a phrase: vuelta atrás.


"Dashboard" alone could be translated as "Inicio" in a mobile application context. For "Users dashboard" or "Jobs dashboard" I think the best translation is to delete the word. Spanish users will understand "Usuarios" or "Empleos" section as the main one. Maybe "Inicio usuarios" or "Inicio empleos", but is gramatically wrong and may sound weird. LinkedIn app ...


As mentioned by @fedorqui, as a native Spanish speaker, dashboard is well understood in software development. The full range of options would be: Panel de control which is translated as something like "screen" or "panel". Dashboard (although I like to use spanish words) Consola is more suited to something like Bash in Linux, or the device that controls the ...


I think that for web environment, panel de información suits better according to this definition: A customizable landing page for a business application or workspace that uses Web Parts to display selected information. It can provide a comprehensive look at the information inside the application or workspace by consolidating lists, libraries, text, ...


The translation should be Tablero de comandos but nobody uses this term in the real life. I prefer to use Consola


I would use something like: Panel / Panel de control which is translated as something like "screen" or "panel". Tablero which is translated as something like "board". Note also that even Dashboard itself can be used, since people are getting more and more used to English names even in Spanish interfaces (for example, "log in" is quite commonly used).

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