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Although it is true that not many technical words are translated, I think this is not the case. In Spanish from Spain, track is translated as "pista", for audio/video domains but also for other meanings (like walk on a track), but as ruta, itinerario or trayecto in the GPS track meaning.So I'd say Subir una ruta or Cargar una ruta if, as it looks like by ...


Generally technical words are not translated. I would use cargar un track In GPS terminology the meaning of "track" is very different from the current. Maybe you prefer its synonym "trace". That way you could use cargar un rastro cargar una huella And finally I do not know if it would be far from the meaning, but you can use rastrear


I don't think there are easy and intuitive solutions for this translation. Cargar might be the direct oposite of descargar. To me it also might have some connotations, like if you were preparing something to be played. Sometimes download is translated as bajar, as opposed to descargar. Te bajas la JDK de la página oficial de Oracle y te la instalas ...

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