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Raya seems to be appropriate for this context, like En el segundo nivel el cinturón es blanco con una raya naranja I was surprises first time I was told that there are more levels beyond a black belt. I think in karate they are called dans. Probably other disciplines have their own names as well as their own color schemes for belts, but AFAIK, there is ...


Cuentas would be any kind of bank account. Cuentas claras must be a specific product from a certain bank. "Cuentas claras" is nothing like a "Cuenta de ahorro (Savings account)" o "Cuenta corriente (Checking account)", which are the main kinds of accounts for any bank. For example, the bank ING Direct has a "Cuenta Naranja" which is nothing but the name ...


I have practiced martial arts in the past, and where I come from, the word that I am familiar with is: Punta For example: El estudiante es cinta naranja punta verde. Note that in other contexts, stripe might be translated as: franja and as Diego mentioned, raya .

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