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I would say fiable or something more informal like es de fiar Este coche es de fiar. Los sistemas que tiene el coche son de fiar. El móvil es de fiar.


Confiable sounds a bit odd to me, but it can be a valid option. I am from Spain, and personally I'd prefer fiable: Adj. Que ofrece seguridad o buenos resultados. You can even say that the system is seguro: Adj. Que no falla o que ofrece confianza. In this case you must make sure that the chosen word to represent the concept is widely ...


Confiable would be the word I'd use. Este teléfono es poco confiable = This phone is unreliable. And a very Colombian example. Mi carro es muy confiable. Nunca se vara. = My car is very reliable. It never breaks.

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