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The word inquisitivo has no negative connotations. The Inquisition was called that way because they inquired, true, but that did not change the meaning or use of the word. A related, though very different, word would be inquisitorial; this one does indeed derive from Inquisición and has a definite negative connotation. But inquisitivo is a pretty neutral ...


I´ve heard this word used by a Vietnamese interviewee in exactly the same derogatory sense as it is often used -nay, usually used - in Spanish, irrespective of the Spanish-speaking country concerned. Whether or not it is pushed as very offensive or just slightly offensive, the sense is the same as "chink" "paki" "kraut" "commie" etc; there is no way to ...


Here in Colombia "vení" is the normal conjugation of the verb venir in the imperative form. It is not used all around the country, only in regions where voseo is normal, areas such as: Antioquia Viejo Caldas Norte of Valle del Cauca.

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