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Lovely question! The conjugation of a verb in Spanish has more info about the person: in German sie, Sie und wir are conjugated the same way, and here is the key: they always coincide. Also in the singular, the verb for some personal pronouns very often coincide (ich muss, er muss). So you do need a personal pronoun in German. And well, in English, as you ...


Me parece que el cuento que buscas es La conciencia de Ana MarĂ­a Matute. http://hyspania.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/la-conciencia-ana-maria-matute/


As far as I know Latin also allow to drop the subject: v.g. cogito ergo sum does not have an explicit subject ego. So the question might be backwards: why other Latin-derived languages such as French require the subject? In Italian, Catalan or Galician you can drop it. In Portuguese you cannot (yet Portuguese and Galician are almost the same language.) ...

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