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What I've heard is the verb "caer", but this may be local usage. Los partidos de fútbol caen los jueves.


If you want that some events happen a certain day, you have to use the word "ser". The word "estar" is only used to declare a particular state or a process(time, position, condition, etc). However you can also use a second verb after "estar" that works as an adjective to be able to substitute the verb "estar". For example: Los partidos de fútbol sala ...


Events took place on a determinate moment, but as far as you know that this is inmutable, you should use "Ser". You only can use "Estar" in certain cases when you know that the event is susceptible to change it's schedule. La reunión está programada para el viernes. La reunión es el viernes. Both phrases are equally valid, however, the first one ...


I would go with ser: El jueves era el día que cenábamos pizza cuando yo era pequeño. Los jueves eran los días que cenábamos pizza. We use ser to refer when a event takes place. El domingo es el día de ir a misa.

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