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En/por la mañana Almost everyone says en/por la mañana because it means in the morning. There are other expressions such as En la noche En la tarde Por la tarde Por la noche De la mañana de la mañana is used for time for example Son las siete de la mañana It can also mean during the morning of the morning A la mañana a la mañana is not ...


Since I disagree somewhat with the other answer, I'll provide my own. You are pretty much correct in your view of them. en/por la mañana This is the probably the most common one you'll hear. Despite there being a small semantical difference in meaning (por meaning more like “at some point during”), regional usage seems to dictate usage far more than ...


First of all "a la mañana" does not exist if you heard it then it is wrong. " A la mañana siguiente" same thing it is wrong. Here is a good example: Mañana ( tomorrow ) La mañana siguiente ( next morning ) De la mañana ( in the morning ) a las 11 de la mañana ( 11 AM ) Por la mañana is correct ( en la mañana is not ) means ( in the morning )

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