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Among the languages I know, Spanish has the easiest plurals ever! Just a bunch of exceptions.... All the other Romance languages (Italian, French, Portuguese, Catalan) have more irregularities as far as plurals are concerned. Not to mention Rumanian with its many irregular and sometimes unpredictable plurals! I've always thought Spanish is similar to ...


Amigui: friend = amigo. dude = amigui. It is the same "amigo", but with a more affectionate, as in the case of cat touch, kity, something good. denotes trust


amigui is not the short form for amiguito. amigui is used for a more tender way to express amigo(a).


This is something I've started to hear recently, also in Spain. I think amigui is an abbreviation for amiguito which is, as JesusS says in his answer, more affectionate.


Amigui is like amigo but in a more affectionate way. "Amigui" as a word doesn't exist and I never used it, but in Spain we use to say "coleguis" instead of "colegas" (buddies) with the same nuance

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