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Entiendo que no estaba entre tus opciones pero la 3) suena mucho mejor así 3) No creía que fuera posible que hubiera cambiado todos sus hábitos.


1=habia conocido 2=habia cambiado 3=hubiera sido


"Policía" is also used as a collective noun, so you should use a singular form for the subjunctive. Being a past tense, you should write it as "aseguró". The complete phrase would be: La policía no se aseguró "de que" el niño no tuviera "un" arma "aunténtica" o "de que" él fuera una amenaza. "Arma" is a female noun for weapon and that's the reason why ...


Yes, it is correct, the subjunctive is the correct verbal time that you need to use there, as both actions were ocurring in the past but at the same time or shortly after. Here, some uses of the "preterito imperfecto de subjuntivo" form are explained: http://espanol.lingolia.com/es/gramatica/tiempos-subjuntivo/preterito-imperfecto (I think this one is the ...

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