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The general way to understand it is the following: aunque + ind. "In spite of the fact that..." aunque + subj. "Regardless whether or not..." Such that aunque digan means that they may say something, they may not, but in any case (insert the rest of the sentence). Aunque dicen says that they are indeed saying something, and even so (insert the rest of ...


I agree completely with guillem. You can think of this in the same way as when we say in English, "even though they may/might say I'm a bandit wherever I go". Just stating in generally that he realizes that people possibly think of him in this way. This just allows for the uncertainty that guillem referred to. Just furthering his point even more, if you ...


In the lyrics the people might or might not be saying that he is a gangster. Using subjunctive keeps the uncertainty. If they had chosen the indicative, they would be stating that the people are actually saying that already. And, in both cases, although people say so, "I thank God for being where I am".

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