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En Puerto Rico se usa la palabra mueco tambien y con la misma conotacion que en Colombia. Mellado tambien es de uso muy comun en Puerto Rico


I agree that it depends a lot on the country and even region. In some places I have seen "cariño" used among close frinds, mostly women. Also I have it seen used to mark distance (a superior woman calling an inferior "cariño" as a sign of superiority like the one has over her children).


In Mexico is not a word a man would use for anybody but a spouse or daughter, not even a son. For women is different, they would use it way more often and also depends on the socioeconomic level (amongst high-middle class it would be acceptable) (copy & pasted from above)


it depends also on the context, for example in Spain between friends, or in a relaxed environment, is OK and pretty common, but in a (formal) work environment it can be seen as a sexist comment, pretty much like your boss saying "honey" or "princess" to a girl in a meeting.


It depends highly on Country (e.g. in Chile it would be acceptable, in Argentina the word is not very much used in this sense) Socioeconomic level (amongst high-middle class it would be acceptable) Sexism awareness So I'd ask directly if the use would be OK among your group.


In Mexico it applies the same as in other countries. "Sobaco" is vulgar and if you do use it, its when someone has bad odor in their armpits (te huele el sobaco, hueles a sobaco). Axila is when you are actually referring to the armpit as a body part.


It turns out Wikipedia has an article with a map Central America seems to prefer español whereas South America mostly prefers castellano. But I don't know how accurate that map is. If we look at the map's history we see that some countries changed from red to blue or vice versa with no sources given.

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