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Both words could be considered synonyms since the effect is very similar. Is the cause of that effect that would make you choose one over the other. As the other answers are stating, the main difference is that empañado is used to describe a blurry image due to water vapor or condensation. Thus, an image is borrosa but not empañada for example when I ...


Borroso is blurry and same as in English is when and image is not sharp. The water vapor in the shower mirror makes the mirror "empañado". Also the breath in a closed car on a cold day make the car windows "empañadas". Your image in that mirror or the images looking through those car windows are "borrosas". "Empañado" in this context is to cover a shiny or ...


"Borroso" is a perception. "Empañado" is a state of the thing.


When you take a bath, a steamy bath, the bathroom mirror becomes "empañado". When you look at your own reflected image, you image looks "borrosa" (blurry), but the mirror is "empañado". "Empañado" refers to the steam film covering the glass of the mirror, for example.


Spanish verbs "comenzar" and "empezar" are synonyms. There is no difference between them. Also "iniciar" means the same. Do not confuse trying to state differences where they do not exist.

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