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Como para casi todo, no creo que exista "la mejor" traducción para goddamn y que ésta sea invariable. Es cierto que en casi todos los ejemplos cabía la posibilidad de usar "maldito" o "condenado" pero, si he entendido bien, se encontraban todos en el mismo cómic por lo que el traductor puede haber optado por no repetirse (cosa a la que el castellano, no sé ...


En mi opinión, maldito es la mejor traducción. En los ejemplos que mencionas, se puede sustituir god damn por maldito y es entendible para todos los hispanohablantes. Por otro lado, términos como me cago en la leche y en general me cago en, son muy propios de España (según mi entender). Entonces, los ejemplos que mencionas podrían ser traducidos así: ...


From a purely linguistic point of view cilantro and culantro are exactly the same thing = coriandrum sativum. That other totally unrelated tropical herb with a similar fragrance yet stronger and which grows wild in many parts of the tropics and subtropics = eryngium foetidum, it is neither cilantro nor culantro. But for lack of a proper international word, ...


Indeed, dawn should be translated as "amanecer" or "alba" ... esperó al amanecer. ... esperó a las primeras luces del alba Seeing that you already found a really blatant example of bad translation in the version of that book you are working with, it should not be surprising this is another oner.


I have practiced martial arts in the past, and where I come from, the word that I am familiar with is: Punta For example: El estudiante es cinta naranja punta verde. Note that in other contexts, stripe might be translated as: franja and as Diego mentioned, raya .


Raya seems to be appropriate for this context, like En el segundo nivel el cinturón es blanco con una raya naranja I was surprises first time I was told that there are more levels beyond a black belt. I think in karate they are called dans. Probably other disciplines have their own names as well as their own color schemes for belts, but AFAIK, there is ...


The most appropriate adjective is "estremecedora", because it meets all the characteristics of the adjective "haunting". Meaning of "estremecedora": to remove (something like a tremor) something inside someone deeply. In this context "melodía estremecedora" gives way to be something beautiful, something enthralling and somber / sad. To explain the ...

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