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You could say it many ways like: ¿Cómo va? ¿Qué tal? ¿Cómo estás? ¿Qué hay? ¿Qué hay? means more of what's up?


Also quiúbole, que pasó, qué me cuentas, cómo te ha ido, cómo has estado (though this one might be strictly U.S. and border Spanish, I'm not sure, as it's a direct translation of How ya been), qué dices (this one also has other meanings, e.g. Whatcha think?) ... and there's probably lots more that I don't know about. So many ways to say it, just like in ...


Mis amigos de Chile me dicen: ¿Cómo andas? ¿Cómo tay? ¿Cómo estai?


So many variations depending on where you are. Puerto Rico/Carribean you may hear ¨¿cómo tú estás?¨ Colombia (and maybe other places, who knows?) you´ll hear ¨¿qué hay?¨ (literally ¨what is there?¨ and shortened to ¨qu´hay?¨) or ¨¿qué hubo/qu´hubo? (what was there?) in Mexico it´s ¨¿Qué onda?¨ (what wave) You could argue that these are closer to ¨what´s ...

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