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In Spain we say "Hola" or "Buenas" which means Hello here.


Usually you use "Saludos a todos" if you say "good bye" to somebody and want to send greetings to his acquaintances or relatives. If somebody says to you "Saludos a todos", you can simply reply with "gracias". Another more formal reply would be "gracias, serán dados", meaning that you comprise to give the greetings.


In Chile we always reply En su nombre... (formal) or En tu nombre... (informal) which roughly means "I will greet all in your name".


You can reply with the usual forms hola buenos días, etc... Even if the speaker seems to be trying to reach a broad audience, you don't need to go with anything special, like "saludos a ti también" or another "saludos a todos". Imagine yourself in a room with other people, when some else joins the group and says saludos a todos (like a teacher who enters ...


Similar to another post but... If we bring Portuguese into the mix it might shed some light into this whole question. "Thank you!" = "Obrigado(a)!" > which literally means I am obliged or I now am obligated to repay your favor. "You are welcome!" = "De nada" > I'm basically saying to that person who thanked me that it didn't cost me anything (effort or ...

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