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¿Cómo va? or ¿Cómo te va? are very used in spanish language. Normally there's not big difference between those. The first one is used for people who just are not used to communicate using the proper pronoun As for va, it's commonly used for "progress," cómo te está yendo, cómo te ha ido. here you have a continuous and past participle way to express ...


¿Cómo vas? Exactly the thing you say. Example: A- Me voy a Colombia B- ¿Cómo vas? A- En avión ¿Cómo te va?/¿Cómo va? You're also on a good trend here. However, it's way more general. I would summarize it uses as 1)"How do you feel (about something that's happening NOW)?" 2)"How do you do?" "What's up?" "How is it hanging?" That's why your doctor ...

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