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Between the extremes: pronouncing the 's' fully (sibilant sound) and omitting it entirely (which sometimes is done intentionally as tribal jargon), there is an intermediate case: an almost suppressed 's', a slightly aspirated sound (sort of English 'h'). This is very common in some regions of Argentina (more towards the center), and now is prevalent in ...


I don't completely agree with Diego. I'm from Argentina and yes, there is a lot of people dropping the esses from all social classes (I even had an economics professor doing that, every single day she would say something like tre empresa ingresan sei mil peso a la semana). However, this is extremely more frequent now from teens and young adults of the lower ...


It does not denote social class and is not pervasive in Argentina. Is just the accent of certain characters on that movie. If you check other sources (e.g. different Argentinean movies or shows or even read what Argentineans post on the Internet) you may notice that Argentineans tend to use voseo instead for addressing people "de tú". Thus, you may hear ...


It is common, and it doesn't happen only in Argentina, it happens in most, if not all, the countries, by regions. In Colombia, for example, everyone in the coast regions. It comes from the roots of that people, from the ancestors. Also the accent is different.

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