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They didn't really even bother getting her to speak Spanish here: (she tried one line — with a mistake — and was like, "How was that?"). From the clip in TreeHouse's answer, you can tell a few things: She doesn't properly group words. For example, at one point she says "de un" as two very distinct words with a break in the airstream, whereas a native ...


In "Dicen", she pronounces the "ce" and "ci" like "se" and "si", while in Spain's Spanish it's pronounced like "ze" and "zi". Technically, this sound should be "alveolar africada sonora", while she pronounces it as "alveolar fricative sonora". It's common in some South American countries, which BTW I bet she targets. You can read here why this sounds wrong ...


Selena Gomez is not a native speaker of Spanish, and as far as I can tell she does not currently speak the language fluently. Because of this, her accent is not perfect, however it is decent. Her accent also seems better in her music, as you linked to, than in her speech. But if you are looking for a model accent, it is preferable to use a native speaker's.


La pregunta es un poco "ingenua": supongo que no se habla inglés igual en todo el mundo. No por nada en EE. UU. se dice "mom" y en el Reino Unido "mum". Así mismo, las formas de hablar varían entre países, y modismos locales, por la historia, etc. Y no es que aquí seamos indios que aprendimos español de los españoles, es que somos descendientes de ellos, ...

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