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The correct form is Te hace sentir. The possessive pronoun needn't appear twice: Te hace sentirte. Would be redundant (if it were grammatical in the first place). A (roughly) analogous expression in English would be something like It makes you yourself feel. The same holds for the other examples.


En el Manual de la Nueva Gramática de la Lengua Española, apartado 16.4.3a. Última frase. Se consideran también incorrectas las construcciones, propias de la lengua descuidada, en las que el mismo pronombre aparece a la vez como enclítico y como proclítico: *se debe respetarse cualquier opinión; *se lo tengo que decírselo Google Books, Manual de la ...


I noticed my mothers family in El Salvador uses Vos excessively. My Salvadoran family here in the States uses vos and tu equally. I think tu might be a bit more formal. Whenever they're joking about they tend to use vos more. My Mexican family doesn't use vos at all. I once traveled from El Salvador to Mexico (I picked up the Salvadoran accent and dialect) ...

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