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No hay ninguna ambigüedad en el asunto: siempre debe existir concordancia de número (y de género en otros casos) entre el pronombre y el referente. Por lo tanto sólo estos casos son correctos: Ella le dice a él. Ella les dice a ellos. Cualquier otro caso es incorrecto, aunque su uso sea habitual. Lee el item 6.a de lo referente a pronombres ...


Vosotros is the historical form, from Latin vos 'you (plural)'. Note the composition vos + otros, analogous to nos + otros > nosotros. Also note that in other peninsular languages it is like this: Catalan nosaltres (altres being just the Catalonian form = otros), nosaltres, etc.


Very interesting question @Cicero. I would like to remark that the gradual extinction of vosotros started in western Spain, more specifically in cities like Cádiz, Huelva and Seville, all of them close to the western coast which has been an extremely important marketing route for centuries. As a result, the Latin American Spanish is heavily influenced by ...


Both of your options are correct and perfectly acceptable. You should translate demonstrative pronouns as they are: (D.P.) Can you hold this for me? => ¿Me puedes sostener esto? (D.P.) Can you hold that for me? => ¿Me puedes sostener eso? (D.O.) Can you hold it for me? => ¿Me lo puedes sostener? In short: There's no need to change demonstrative ...

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