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La 1, 3 y 5 son correctas. La 5 me suena más natural. Las otras dos no son correctas: 2: la palabra conque tiene un sentido similar a así que, por lo que no corresponde en este caso. 4: para introducir una causa se usa la conjunción porque. Ver esta consulta en el sitio de la RAE. Otra forma de expresar lo mismo sería: Me indigna que haya cenizas ...


I spent time in Chile and my understanding is that the two options mean the same thing in general, but "de nada" is more formal. Saying "por nada" implies that whatever the person is being thanked for doing or saying was so simple and easy it doesn't deserve a thank you. For those thinking it means "Thanks for nothing", remember that, in this context, "por ...


Yes, sobre is ungrammatical. The original sentence has at least four mistakes, in fact: Two missing accent marks A missing comma A superfluous sobre I would also add the relative que to introduce the subordinate, though it is not strictly necessary. All in all, the sentence should be: Como tenedor mayoritario, creo que debes proponer tú cómo ...


Cómo is not a preposition Como tenedor mayoritario creo debes proponer tu sobre como disponer de esto. You have two errors here, that may influence the reader: change tu with tú y como with cómo. In this case the redundancy is not present because cómo is not a preposition is an adverb, specifically an interrogative adverb of mode.

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