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CD´S in spanish is the same form like english but the pronunciation is (CE-DES)


My advice is that you should say: Me voy a cortar el cabello. Cabello: Cada uno de los pelos que nacen en la cabeza de una persona. Because: Pelo: Filamento cilíndrico, delgado,de naturaleza córnea, que nace y crece entre los poros de la piel de casi todos los mamíferos. Here, cabello is the set of individual cylindrical filaments that grows ...


In this case you should use just "pelo". "Im going to get my hair cut." "Me voy a cortar el pelo."


Pelo in Spanish exists as both a countable noun and an uncountable noun as it is in English (I'm not familiar with German, unfortunately). That is, normally when used in the singular, it will be interpreted as a mass of hair, viewed collectively. In the plural, and occasionally in the singular given proper context, each strand of hair is viewed ...

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